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    Sep 25

    Doctors from the University of Berlin has recently proved that homemade breakfast is essential for children. Pupils receiving every day a full, hearty breakfast, learn better and less overweight than those that neglected the morning meal. After the first lesson – that in any case, tension and stress. And if the stress occurs regularly on an empty stomach, then to the notorious School of gastritis and even ulcer – a stone's throw. In addition, after serious intellectual burden not had time to eat breakfast child is experiencing a shortage of energy, which then overeat at lunch and dinner.

    But for those who does not renounce the breakfast, not only in normal weight, but better memory, higher IQ, they rarely miss classes. And it is good. If a school has a so-called 'school meals'. And if not? Three right whale breakfast Experts believe that breakfast for the child must be at of three basic elements: fruits. It is a source of vitamins that support the immune system, and fiber.

    Keep in mind, more useful and vitamins in the newly collected fruits. This is even in the winter! This citrus fruit (assuming that child is not allergic to them), hand grenades. During the upcoming spring beriberi are relevant cherries, strawberries, herbs. Marko Dimitrijevic photographer contains valuable tech resources. Grain products. They have vitamins A and D, iron. In addition, the grains contain carbohydrates, which provide energy after an overnight break. Dairy products – milk, yogurt, cottage cheese – an indispensable source of calcium, so essential to a child's body.

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