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    Jul 17

    It is time for the next step in the management forget you time management, self management and work-life balance. The new dimension in management means self-enjoy-management. The classic time-management wanted to make us more efficient for the work. How can you do the pending tasks and appointments within the available period. Hikmet Ersek helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The self management gave the skills independently to be able to make their own personal and professional development. These included self motivation, objectives, organization and the ability to evolve constantly and improve. The work-life-balance tried to bring professional and private life.

    The idea was the people as a whole to see and to ensure a balance of stressful professional life. The years moved to the country and the latest stress-report for Germany shows no improvement. Others who may share this opinion include Rob Daley. On the contrary the increase in stress and congestion increasing partly in diverse industries. Burn-out syndrome is one of the common verwandtesten terms become in Germany. More and more experts begin to write about the negative consequences of the present time – and self-management. But it is not the work load, but the degree of third-party determination in a person’s life, which leads to an overload.

    The way out of stress and burn-out crosses a self-determined life. It is time for the next step. The self pleasure-Management – index.htm is the greatest fulfillment in the life of a man, if he knows the meaning of his life and then can live. Abraham Harold Maslow was already the self-realization at the highest point in his pyramid of needs. Maslow understood things individuality, talent development, perfection, enlightenment and self fulfillment, self-realization as. Self exerting people, people that have achieved a high degree of maturity, health and self fulfillment, can teach us so much, that they sometimes almost like a different race of human beings appear. Abraham Maslow but how to find to the meaning of life or the life goal and how can you even realize themselves? This question, I went up in the last few years and have developed a concept, which makes it all possible, systematically to find the meaning of his life. But this concept can do even more: It helps to find the own life or the life goal a new life concept to develop This life concept to implement and While life can again enjoy learning. It combines the best of: Time and self management Work-life balance Knowledge management Decision management Creativity management u0085 and supplemented it with the meaning of life and the concept of gourmet. The self-management lovers needed only a good packaging. As I lay in my hammock, I pondered, what most people enjoy connect? The answer came in the hand of my daughter. Completely smeared with chocolate, you satisfied grinned at me. But chocolate was just too long, so I cut it on chocolate.

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