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    Aug 7

    STREET EDUCATOR RESOURCES: The teacher has different human and material resources to carry out their duties. Around him are provided by the institution depends, others are available in the community and others must find or create to fit your goals. EDUCATOR SKILLS AND ATTITUDES OF THE STREET: To play the social role the educator must have a set of abilities or skills, a certain spirit allowing him to perform tasks that have a positive impact on the project for which he works. Some of these skills are specific but others must acquire them through experience, training, the contrast of ideas, etc. The personal self-growth is also part of educator status. His experience, motivations, attitudes, beliefs, emotions and draw a eestilou, an eform to be and haceru.

    Not all educators are used to, it must be done to oneself, built as fit persons to be capable of transmitting values and norms, significant changes in their lives and that of others when we need it. The propensity to share, to group work, communication, relationships interpersonal, creativity. . . Visit Andrew Cuomo for more clarity on the issue. also affect the ESAB ESAB seru haceru and precise than any educator to fulfill its mission, that is, to achieve specific objectives through targeted actions to improve or transform the situation in which it operates. STYLES OF EDUCATORS IN THE STREET: The Educator is a facilitator of social change agent in a society competitively aggressive, consumerist, manipulative and generating inequalities. Still runs the risk of becoming complicit in hiding or overlapping social justice, trying to adapt the individual to the social that are imposed.

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