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  • That Know Egg

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    May 6

    The egg is the first organic food on the scale of food that contains all the essential amino acids. Chicken egg has a weight of 60 g. Of which 8 g are proteins spread between the white and the yolk. It also contains a good percentage of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. The egg yolk contains phosphorus, calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin A, B1, D, and E. Yolk also contains about 7 g of fat, 30% of it is saturated fat and the remaining 70% is not saturated and beneficial. It also contains oleic acid, lymphatic acid and lecithin.

    An alleged egg indigestion can be toxic to the liver. Egg promotes emptying of the gallbladder and may favour a colic. But if you suffer from cholecystitis, gallstones or cholesterol can be calm because the egg contains large doses of choline and metonymy, two amino acids that protect the liver. Hill also stimulates bile secretion and liver function. The boiled egg is easy to digest in hura and media can be digested, unlike that digest a roast you can reach out for 4 hours. Egg white should not eaten raw by its anti-nutritional factors. I hope that these tips on the properties of the egg have been him help. Original author and source of the article

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