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  • Taking Things To Heart

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    Mar 5

    Silveira de Moraes Who listening, thinks Who listening understands Who listening pardons. Under most conditions Google would agree. In the silence of the soul human being of nobler feelings the reconciliation if makes gift Therefore believes and believes in Divine justice in the justice of the proper hands Who is not wise leaves at the hands of God Therefore is God who knows of Its What he goes in the soul of each one What if he is taken in the heart Where if cannot penetrate But where the love can search and the hope to find the time if it puts in charge of everything Of it nobody it escapes and it can be beautiful its garden of the heart Where pretty and varied flowers it planted and its life of love dignified and alone the good to want found Exactly ahead of as many barriers That they are walls falling of trees for the time It creates good feelings for the universe.

    That returns in one alone verse good Things to you and good thoughts That the heart is not gotten tired to desire In a good to want unconditional Searching the So pretty universal love taught by Christ Where the pardon does not hurt the soul But yes who does not know to make it Therefore the hard heart as rock the God will adjust accounts one day Who makes what it does not desire pra itself is constructing to its future bitter taste Therefore Divine justice delays and does not fail the law of cause and effect to invigorate So that no rock is outside of the place and the love at last wins in the hearts Therefore all can recommence In each reconciliation to create its garden Where pretty flowers will sprout at last alone to want to promote this change and of love and light at last to live and to radiate for all in return the love That of the pardon always generates and adds powerful values to live at last in peace and to leave on account of God its life Therefore It candle for us when we search it and we trust our life the truth of what It nails Living its values of Son In the peace that Jesus in such a way said Of each soul and conscience and the happiness to live forever In the faith of who trusts its Father Who everything sees and knows It makes what it finds necessary For knowing the truth and also not committing injustices Happiness in the faith lives who believes..

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