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  • Jul 20

    Are you running out of ideas to create content for your blog?, In a previous post that I put in this directory commented on the possibility of the articles with private label rights as an option to create new content for your blog. But this time I comment you another way to create content for your blog from the comments left by your visitors in the articles you publish. Here I leave you three easy steps to create articles. 1 .- Collects all interrelated reviews .- A brief article should contain 300-500 words in length, do not take long to weave some comments related to each other, creating a new post with this information and upload it to article directories . 2 .- Answer the questions that make you ask questions that .- Many comments left by your readers, after reading your article, answers these questions by creating a new post, make sure that when you answer a question give the link to the new post that created with the response. 3.-create items of the comments of other blogs .- As this is my personal favorite, if your blog gets lots of comments, looking most popular blogs in your niche market some will have up to 100 comments. Write a short article in response to the comments left on other blogs and let them know you wrote an article responding to their concerns. This will make you different from others who leave comments and you will attract targeted traffic to your blog.