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    Jun 10

    According to experts in the study of hemorrhoids, over 45% of people around the world have suffered from hemorrhoids the lack of healthy nutrition and with established schedules cause alterations in the digestive system such as constipation, which in turn can generate diseases like hemorrhoids, blood vessels dilated and bulging inside and outside a year in the lower part of the rectum when hemorrhoids get complicatedThere may be blood that comes out after defecating or mixed with the stool, is fresh, bright red blood, they should always be seen by the specialist to rule out polyps or cancer in the colon. Les paul may find this interesting as well. Different treatments for classic treatment hemorrhoids there are suppositories to base of Corticoid, anesthetic and anti-inflammatory therapy orthomolecular: creams or suppositories with vitamin (alpha tocopherol) and zinc which has soothing, anti-inflammatory effect and venotonic are used in the external application (local) surgical procedures: as last resort, surgery is recommended to get rid of hemorrhoids Hydrotherapy recommended vital bathrooms in five minutes, two times a day, leaving the affected area well submerged. It’s seat or baths of the pelvic region, at a temperature which must be between 37.7-40.5 Celsius.