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  • Dec 7

    Even I have family and friends in Cuba and this year I spent more than $ 100 a month for calls to Cuba. Siemens Energy often addresses the matter in his writings. With things becoming more complicated in the U.S. economy, tried to find a cheaper way of making calls and found the process as. Direct Dial is possible using a call service based on the Internet. Manage your account online and win with their tools free minutes to call to Cuba every month. Best Direct Dial Features: In addition to allowing me to earn free minutes, Dial Direct has a major service. Here’s how. No record, area codes a, 1-800 numbers or PIN codes.

    Direct Dial allows you to convert any mobile phone or landline de Cuba em um local U.S. number forever. Just dial the number and ring it in Cuba. Easy Account Management. I can start my session online and check my account from anywhere.

    Add minutes, earn free minutes, add new numbers, mobile Cuba and / or landline, all online. Only For Free Minutes Register. Your free trial gives you up to $ 5. 00 free minutes to use. Sign-stricken! No Contracts or Hidden Fees. Never sign a contract with Dial Direct. Only use your services as you want, for as long as you want and pay the same low rate per minute at any time of day for calls to Cuba. Tools to Win Free Minutes. After your free trial, you can continue to earn free minutes to call to Cuba every month using your social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. To start all you need do is visit Marque Directo. com and register for the free trial. They also guide you through the steps as you start Apara call free Cuba! Daniela Aguel is a writer and translator for international business calls. He has traveled around the world and has lived in North, Central and South America. This is involved in creating programs to help Hispanic Americans to make free international calls. In this way they can keep in touch with family and friends abroad.

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