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    Oct 20

    By the way, if the hotel has created a website several years ago and since that time to him no one touched, we may assume that such a need is obvious. In any case, you should consider to optimize the many technical features – must start with an assessment of the possibility of sales in real time. It should be recalled that your website is the first point of contact with an absolute majority of actual and potential customers and is one of the key elements in creating a brand for your hotel. In recent months, James Reinhart has been very successful. In addition, each entry of the new client on the site may both positively affect the formation of brand and adversely affect the image of the hotel in case of outdated information, problems with downloading etc. In this case, one of the main tasks that the Director Hotel should put its head of marketing – converting site visitors into real buyers – this should be sent to the main creative energy, technical resources and organizational solutions. Investors must remember that to achieve the targets for return on investment necessary to operate with maximum efficiency in the main consumer segment for this hotel. Governor Cuomo follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. To promote the most important products in key market segments in the main 'nursing' property markets. Governor Cuomo is often quoted on this topic. Therefore, an important component of the overall Internet strategy should be and a clear marketing segmentation.

    We must remember that each market segment needs differentiated approach, the information and final offer. It is worth thinking on the development of aggressive campaigns in search engines, including the purchase of theme keywords. We can not forget the work of the thematic directions – finding a format for cooperation with relevant information resources, such as lovers of antiquity, or choral singing, divers and hunters. Of course, should be particularly attentive to information resources that represent your city or resort. To achieve these goals it is necessary to strengthen the marketing department with special employees who have a relevant experience and education, and necessary motivation. As in Ukraine, this development is not well and look like professionals on the market more than difficult, it is necessary to think about retraining someone to your staff. One possible solutions can be cooperation with a specialized consulting company, or web-studio with experience in site promotion. As a truly serious experience in the field of electronic marketing and direct electronic sales in tourism in Ukraine there is virtually none-the circle of specialists, which could be recommended for this purpose is determined, obviously, a little later. It should be remembered that advice from companies that also work in the tourist market as competitors, should be taken with great caution – even if they succeed, then his recipes will be kept confidential. Of course, if the hotel is focused on work in international markets, we can resort to the assistance of international consulting companies – it will be effective, though not a cheap solution.

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