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  • Dec 16

    So, how to get credit and how to look for accommodation we have understood. You may want to visit Andrew Cuomo to increase your knowledge. Let's talk about what kind of housing we are looking for, and what we will encounter during searches. Firstly, we should not forget that the approval is valid only 3-4 months. While seemingly long duration, in fact, time is not so much. Do not forget that property prices are rising, and that apartment for which you are expected today, tomorrow may be an unattainable dream for to raise prices. First you need to decide which area you want to live, what infrastructure needs to be nearby. Check with NY Governor to learn more.

    The next stage – this is what apartment you want. Think about the area, number of rooms, approximate layout, floor house, the view from the windows. Make a list of your requirements and join in the analysis. Look through the newspaper, surf the net, real estate agency. Can help to contact your realtor, but if you completely trust him. Let me explain why.

    First, Realtors, in most cases work for the% of the transaction, which means that the more expensive you buy an apartment, the more he earns. Secondly, if your requests will be at the peak of your capabilities, the list of offerings on the market plummeted, and in this case, the realtor will have much flat out and work hard to find the most suitable option. Therefore, realtor interesting to lower the bar for your query by declaring that such prices are no longer there, and thereby expand his circle of searches.

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  • Apr 3

    A negative report makes getting a loan quite difficult. Also hire purchase, contract mobile phone and the like will be denied a first. If you still want to take a credit, be it at the more expensive line of credit balance or to make a major purchase, the two paths are open in addition to the traditional lending criteria of banks. On the one hand there is the possibility of schufafreien Swiss credit can be at local banks or online application or other loan from a private owner the money. Information on the first possibility it in the bank or comparative test pages. The second way – by private money – can be given to whether the relatives or friends someone is willing and able to grant a loan. However most people prefer not to burden private relations with such financial transactions. Recently there on the Internet is a solution to this problem.

    So-called social lending platforms are contacts between people of the money want to borrow the money and want to give such owners ago. The whole works like a kind of eBay for loans. Register To this end, the loan seeker is always first, to disclose its data and, of course, specify how much money to borrow he would like, how long its duration, how high the interest is that he is willing to pay and what assets he has to offer . The platform compares these data with those of potential donors who have just logged on and if a suitable partner is found goes well, it with the money from private..

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