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  • Dec 4

    What is outsourcing? Outsourcing the transfer of certain functions (work, processes and services), non-core for the company to service other company or person specializing in this field. The services of a service nature of outsourcing is different in that they have not one time (when the need arises), and permanent. Accounting outsourcing services are extremely in demand throughout the world, in varying degrees to them resorts almost three-quarters of companies. In our country the benefits of accounting outsourcing are realized more and more, many domestic enterprises intend to use an accounting outsourcing in the near future or in the medium term. Usually there are the following positive aspects of outsourcing: reduce the cost of doing business (reducing costs, resources are released); improving the quality of the result (as, of course, that a professional copywriter invent a slogan better than your secretary): improving the quality of services (products) provided by the company (employees do not need to be distracted by other tasks that can not distracted from the main); risk reduction (this is due to a choice in the market of services necessary for you, and delegate part of their (risk) of the company-outsourcer). According to some experts, the pioneers of outsourcing in our country have become private security companies.

    It is they who profit firms still in the early nineties have delegated the function of objects and the protection of personnel, professionals, of course, could do better several full-time security guards. Some of these pioneers there to this day, and a list of their problems only increased. These were advertising agencies. Advertisers were few, and services they are few that were qualitatively own advertising, in some cases, cheaper. If it were not so, it is still a quality advertising product could only be obtained from them. Following the advertisement appeared the PR-agency. Followed that boom in the Russian segment of the Internet has brought to life the market of services to create, support and promotion of Internet resources, that is IT-outsourcing. A few large hosting encountered in the late nineties still exist, controlling up to 60% of the market.

    Because of the specific conditions for the existence of domestic business accounting outsourcing caused the greatest concern among owners and managers of Russian enterprises, but to the extent that as more representative of Western companies gave their accounts to outside organizations, some Russian companies have also made their choice in the field of accounting services in favor of outsourcing. Accounting Outsourcing allows you to abandon non-core activities for the organization (whose volume is very significant, as is known), and to focus employees on core business. So, outsourcing (including accounting outsourcing) on the rise and an increasing number of leaders in our country give him a preference. It seems that this kind of business here has a great future.

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  • Dec 16

    So, how to get credit and how to look for accommodation we have understood. You may want to visit Andrew Cuomo to increase your knowledge. Let's talk about what kind of housing we are looking for, and what we will encounter during searches. Firstly, we should not forget that the approval is valid only 3-4 months. While seemingly long duration, in fact, time is not so much. Do not forget that property prices are rising, and that apartment for which you are expected today, tomorrow may be an unattainable dream for to raise prices. First you need to decide which area you want to live, what infrastructure needs to be nearby. Check with NY Governor to learn more.

    The next stage – this is what apartment you want. Think about the area, number of rooms, approximate layout, floor house, the view from the windows. Make a list of your requirements and join in the analysis. Look through the newspaper, surf the net, real estate agency. Can help to contact your realtor, but if you completely trust him. Let me explain why.

    First, Realtors, in most cases work for the% of the transaction, which means that the more expensive you buy an apartment, the more he earns. Secondly, if your requests will be at the peak of your capabilities, the list of offerings on the market plummeted, and in this case, the realtor will have much flat out and work hard to find the most suitable option. Therefore, realtor interesting to lower the bar for your query by declaring that such prices are no longer there, and thereby expand his circle of searches.

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