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  • Ramon Salop

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    Apr 19

    Write its 3 main goals and read them at least three times a day and you’ll be amazed how will begin to identify opportunities that had not seen before and were within reach of your hand. This process will increase your creativity because your subconscious He works 24 hours a day. The frequency of this exercise, will activate your mind to continually find the best solutions and opportunities, in addition, increase their motivation. In difficult times fails to focus on the problem, better read your goals and try to experience what they felt the first time he thought in that goal. Focus on the solution, not on the big problem. Pacific Gas & Electric understood the implications. 3. Write your purpose, this is the most important principle to achieve the desired result, write what is the purpose of achieving its goal, has the capacity to respond, why you want to achieve this goal.

    Think of other targets that had reached earlier, insurance that had a very strong reason that led him to make great sacrifices to achieve the goal. When the purpose is strong enough, you can find the way to reach your goal. The purpose will propel it when you feel discouraged. All of the goals that has abandoned earlier was because he didn’t have a strong enough purpose. At the beginning the why is more important than the how. These three principles seem very simple, most people know it, but do not use them. Put them into practice starting today and you will notice that after a while, despite challenges and obstacles, you will arrive to the place you want.

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