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  • Nail Extensions

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    Jan 18

    Nail extensions using form – one of the modern types of artificial turf. Forms – are artificial devices, which placed under the free edge of the nail. On the basis of their form artificial surface. Ie using this special form, which is substituted at the free edge, create a continuation of a natural nail using acrylic or gel, depending on the material. After the nail was extended from the top another layer of acrylic or gel to make the transition invisible, and the nail plate – the most resilient to external shocks. Forms are paper, metal and Teflon. Advantage paper forms is that they are disposable. Teflon and metal molds are disinfection and sterilization after each client.

    Durability and wear of artificial surfaces, made professional, not depends on the form, but the beauty is – yes. More beautiful nails are obtained by the use of paper forms, as it is possible to fit under any form of nail trimming by changing the base, with metal and Teflon it's harder to do because they have standard sizes, and nails are different. Sometimes, it is believed that this method of building more complex than the build-up on tips, but this is only true masters of capacity, which itself chooses to work on some way or some ways to increase your nails a particular client. Also, many believe that nails accrued on tips and more durable than on the forms. But this is false, since the strength of the nails depends on the rules of building structures and the nail on the correct way to build selected. To extend the wear of artificial surfaces to polish the nails every week with a special oil and timely manner (once every 2-3 weeks) to make the correction and nails is desirable to have the same master that made you build.