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    Dec 25

    You want to be successful in life and business? I think nobody will say no. All want it, and that's fine. A man must be successful! We now talk about a very interesting point for success. This is what you say their mouths. It is very important that comes out of your mouth words of faith in the success or words of doubt and frustration. In your own words you build your future. Today, you've got what you said in your life yesterday.

    To see the future is about than today's dream, say it. Say with certainty that this will happen and be sure to expect. Waiting like a magnet that attracts the expected implementation. Do you understand me? Words have tremendous power. Word – it container filled with either destructive or creative force. Any phrase can carry a different emotional power and meaning. For example, you say to somebody: 'Come to me. " This expression can bring love or danger, the two quite the opposite emotional meaning (if I may say so).

    Do you feel that it contains, and that carries you to this container floor. Word can heal and words can kill. When God created the earth, He did it his word. Read more here: James Woolsey. All that we see with our eyes (the sun, moon, birds, animals, fish, plants, etc.) were created WORD. Only man was created in God's hands, everything else – the word! Now be careful. Man was created the image and likeness of God! What does this mean for us? This means that the word spoken by man, has the same creative power as God's word.

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