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    Aug 12

    Modern household appliances and their near future the 1st January 2010 was the effective date of the so-called smart power meters the “smart meter”. The background is that starting in December 2010 the electricity must offer so-called load-variable Tatife the consumer. Goal is to utilize the plants evenly. This is necessary with regard to the increased use of renewable energy sources such as photovoltaics or wind energy. That means that if e.g. the wind turbines in the North Sea provide much power or the sun shines strong, more electricity is produced. The price of electricity will be cheaper then in these times. Smart meters will receive a signal that derStrom now is cheap by the supplier.

    This can then by the consumer for Stromintensive activities such as operating the washing machine, tumble dryer or this tariff can be used then the oven at low cost. But what does this mean for the consumer. Must you get up really at midnight to baking cakes because just the electricity is cheap? The household appliances manufacturers are already working on the next Level called “smart appliances” called. These household devices communicate with the Stromzahler.Das means that the counter is the release for the household appliance and the ex. full washing machine starts the washing process. But this is a whole new generation of ‘ necessary household appliances. Better insulated freezers and chest freezers that keep the temperature more constant.

    Special techniques of communication appliances and electricity meters are also necessary. For the customer this before – but also has drawbacks. The so-called intelligent appliances will be more expensive to purchase, disguises in the repair in my opinion. The experience also shows that as a result of cost savings at the end not much remains. Everything in the world has its price, the new technique is probably in the long term. Basic costs such as meter charge, purchase price of the appliance, repair and spare parts will cause cost increases. Hikmet Ersek is often quoted as being for or against this. On the other hand, energy is scarce and expensive, and can be used better. Existing dependence on oil and gas or coal are reduced and thus again costs. The future will show whether outweigh advantages or disadvantages. Gunther Hilpoltsteiner home appliances spare parts

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