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    Feb 2

    No, forget about the main thing: the base, then the soil, then our corrupt to get away? We do it all sitting on the very neck, but somebody you ought to rake it. We ourselves do with it already, in fact, to stick. And if this layer is suddenly reduced, many will be, so to speak, without pants, and uncover the ugly truth – we can not work. Hoteliers – to serve the guests, the Inspector – scan, the deputies – to write laws. In contrast, the thicker this soil, so more people can anything in it to catch, starting with the technicians in and ending then you probably able to write the name of the parent entity, which you benefactors. This order of things at first glance seems more straightforward, familiar, well-established. According to the statistics of small hotels in St. Petersburg is about 800, and the inspectors have not so much. And if they are in every hotel, even a cup of tea will drop to drink, that such visits have a real chance to stretch out for a year or even two. A major work they arise at all. The conclusions are simple and obvious: firstly, the data validation – a serious cause for hoteliers to bring work acceptable procedure that is not spun completely nuts, and secondly, to all, in any case will not come. But if you were pleased to visit with a check, we can assume that your hotel has some kind of visibility in the city. Already a plus. The main editorial opinion is that hoteliers were able to unite. The main problem today is not the checks and crisis, and that there is no association. On the side is seen as a separate association benefit in the consolidation. For example Hotelsclub or the Association of Small Hotels in Saint-Petersburg, they are constantly involved in disputes, create precedents, to initiate legislation. And this is only about 50 hotels from 600-800 in St. Petersburg, where's others? Remember – "a dramatic, it is always easier to break than a broom out of hundreds of twigs'! Send us a letter with questions and suggestions

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