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  • Shepherd Without Gumbel

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    Dec 30

    Double-barreled cost choice opportunities. Research proves: candidates with simple or noble names have better prospects for the election. Precognitive abilities are probably not necessary to forecast, that it hard, Thorsten Schafer Gumbel, the top candidate of the Hessian SPD, on Sunday to prevail. The political mortgage, with which he has approached is too large. But not only that.

    Also his surname not just helps to make him an attractive candidate. A study of end-market GmbH from Cologne comes to this conclusion. The company specializes in the development of brand names analyzed all federal and state elections in the last 30 years in terms of the names of the leading candidates. Of course, the candidate name is not the only and in most cases also non-critical criterion of a choice “, end – business leader and political scientist Bernd Samland know the framework and demo sensor, if however for a” Head-to-head talk, then an important role to play also the popularity of a name. Ultimately are voters and voters with the names on the ballot alone in the cabin.

    “Comparing the list of election – and losing can be himself, that simple all world name to complicated prevailed in most duels, and noble names were preferred mostly the bourgeois. Bad double-barreled and regionally coloured name cut off if candidates outside their home region to the election contested, such as the 2002 Bundestag election Edmund Stoiber to Gerhard Schroder. “This is no surprise for the name specialists from Cologne: apply similar criteria as for product and brand name for the popularity of personal names in politics and economy”, Samland underlines. Factors such as light Pronounceability and especially potential for identification with decisively determine the success in both areas. Names influence always our subconscious. “The realization that name” Career opportunities can influence, is not new. But career choice and name do not always fit together. As Horst Kohler is a solid name and a pop career seems ideally suited to be President under this name but only hard to imagine. Therefore the singer Horst Kohler of Trier was renamed already Horn in the early 1990s Guildo. “” But also Manager and ex-Board of Directors of Volkswagen and Chrysler, Wolfgang Bernhard, saw the light of day as Wolfgang Ayerle and deliberately chose the maiden name of his mother, because he “career grade felt Bernhard as the typical Swabian name member”. Whether the Hessian SPD candidate would have better prospects next Sunday, when he would be joined by his birth name, Thorsten Schafer? In this case probably only marginally.

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