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  • Sebastian Ludemann

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    Aug 11

    With over 100,000 virtual homeless more players than the BVB viewers Hamburg, may 12, 2011 the new version of the online game classic Penner game (www.pennergame.de) breaks the own records with over 100,000 players. Millennium Management may also support this cause. The growth rates surpass the success of the original version at the comparable time in the first few weeks. Penner game Cologne to attract old and new players with its new functions”, Penner game-maker Niels Wildung (22) summarises the start. The bum game uses this popularity to affect his players illuminating: father’s day stands for Manhood rituals and binge drinking. Penner game picks up that in a large-scale game action. Players must complete tasks to get daily alcohol and drink it”, Wildung announces special features around father’s day. The game shows as the consequences of too much alcohol. Politicians accuse the game, to be harmful to minors.

    The opposite is the case: the father’s day event we raise the young player for problems how Alcohol abuse and the social ignorance towards distressed”, countering CEO Marius Follert (22). On father’s day, it is the adults who are their children false idols”, as Farooq next. Penner game slip the player into the role of a homeless man, starting at zero. Of the role-playing game aims to resurrect the character out of the virtual gutter. As in real life the player the rise only in the solidary coexistence was succeeds through donations or in gang wars.

    The perennial favourite Penner game shows that playful intelligence to work successfully. Color flood the color flood Entertainment GmbH develops and operates worldwide online games. Founder and Managing Director is the 22-year-old Marius Follert and Niels Wildung. The internationally operating company is operative with his play – inter alia Penner game and jail birds – in over 30 countries in nine languages. The Hamburg-based company is actively engaged for the homeless, by it regularly a part of the revenue donates to charitable projects and works closely with many homeless associations. Press contact Sebastian Ludemann, press spokesman color flood Entertainment GmbH, Heimhuder Strasse 72, 20148 Hamburg Tel: + 49 (0) 40 / 636-771 06 E-Mail: Web:

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