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  • Quick Help For Ants

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    May 10

    As ants quickly and effectively distribute from the garden ants as “Health police” will be among the ecosystem. On the terrace or in the garden bed, flower pots the crawling creatures are very troublesome in the summer. Geprueft.de’s experts have asked the best pest exterminator from all over Germany how to go quickly become ants without chemicals. Ants the useful pests gardeners know about the benefits and harms of ants: on the one hand, destroy the industrious insects and other pests and provide for a healthy garden, on the other hand, they protect aphids, whose sugary excrement they feed on. In garden soil or in flower pots lock ants dig also the ground. The plant roots lose contact with the ground and the water and dry up.

    Under the terrace, where it is warm and dry in the spring and summer, the crawly insects can find ideal nesting sites. There they dig not only the sand out of the stone joints, but affected when barbecuing or drinking coffee Food sweet terrace more quickly than it can respond. Official site: chad smith. If settle the insects in the wrong places and disturbing, many garden owners are wondering: How can you expel ants without harming them or to use chemistry? No ants in moist soils geprueft.de asked selected pest exterminator from throughout Germany for effective, biological remedies for ants in the garden. The answer was clear: acidic and moisture ants doesn’t like. From the idea to sell ants permanently and the whole garden you should say goodbye but. Again, because it is not possible, but also because the insects happen make for a natural garden.

    Root zones infested with ants must be watered regularly, so that the contact with the ground is restored. The moist soil provides the ants no favourable Habitat. You can apply this trick well in bricks and flower pots, which were settled by ants: simply the pots and stones regularly adjusted and there amplified water. To keep natural acid instead of baking soda to ants of certain posts in the garden, you can use their aversion to acidic. If vinegar or lemon juice on the Ant streets is drizzled, the creepy crawlies give a wide berth to the area and move with her nest. The old home remedies not reliable because of today’s ingredients counteracts baking soda useful pests. Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfpveFuzFbU gathered all the information. You yourself moved to ants in the flowerbed or herb garden, because vinegar would destroy only the plants. For the resettlement, set a flower pot filled with wood shavings with the opening down the streets of Ant and waits until the ants move their nest into the pot. For a successful relocation must be pulled the entire colony in the pot and it be parked at least 30 feet away again from the old nest. Within shortest possible time distribute ants not only from a certain point in the garden, you can watch even an exciting spectacle. Wife Nina Ranft

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