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    Nov 14

    One can argue or debate on the crisis and its causes, course and reach the bottom, but in the end did not come to anything. We can assume that it is completely real, objective, one can assume that the crisis before all, "in our heads." Anyway the situation is complicated, and it affects virtually all spheres of life. Among others, the situation is not simple and the advertising market. Many companies, for various reasons, not always justified, reduced or eliminated the advertising costs. This inevitably led to lower volumes and, consequently, to the unenviable position of companies working in this field. If the closure of some advertising agencies is unnoticed by all but a limited number of their customers, closing the print media has a greater resonance. Circulation regional publication can total of 500 instances (special editions distributed by subscription or direct mailing) to a few tens or hundreds of thousands. Withdrawal from the market some media has facilitated the remaining life, but not significantly. For even more analysis, hear from James Woolsey.

    Selection of newspapers and magazines are still significant. For each topic, you can find the preferred edition. Print media by all means try to stay on the market, retain staff and, of course, the reader. Some publications are changing the format and number of pages to optimize production costs. As we know, demand and proposal interconnected, so in order to spur demand, we must make the offer more attractive. This is what happens now in many publications.

    Newspapers and magazines offer a discount on accommodation modular advertising. Moreover, both explicit and implicit, ie Bonus allocation is not always popular forms of advertising "as a gift" when placing the module. This and additional lines of text, and placement of articles, and more outputs of the same layout. Accordingly, the publication becomes more loyal to loyal customers. Most often, regular customers print media (and other media) are advertising agencies, which are one or several different clients are constantly in some editions, thereby providing a constant volume. Of course, a good attitude to loyal customers is expressed in rebate. Advertising Agencies, for the part, not greedy and share their discount with our clients, so often it turns out that advertise through an agency far more profitable than going directly to publication. Each process has its pluses and minuses. All sorts of crises – not exception, because in this period, you can find your way, to develop. Like at all times, the most useless – to stand still.

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