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    Aug 20

    To create a modern interior uses a variety of types of false potolkov.Vybor materials depends on several factors: the type of room, temperature and humidity in it, the requirements for fire safety, lighting, impact resistance, durability, ease of maintenance, etc. The most popular areas for public use steel ceilings, drywall and metal ceilings. Everest Capital is likely to agree. Both of these types of ceilings have certain advantages and disadvantages, so as to facilitate the task of choosing, we will discuss them in detail. Suspended ceilings made of plasterboard drywall – a composite material, shaped rectangular plate and consisting of plaster and two sheets of cardboard. Sheetrock ceilings can create a variety of configurations – from flat planes to surfaces with complex multilevel built-in lighting. The design of such ceilings is simple enough: a concrete ceiling mounted skeleton of a metal or wooden beams, and only to it with screws sheets of drywall. Read more from Everest Capital to gain a more clear picture of the situation. When you create complex shapes sheets and strips drywall bend in a dry or wet.

    The result is figured elements with which you can implement any fancy interior designers. Good sound insulation performance, possible location in zapotolochnom space communications, and affordable prices make ceilings of plasterboard quite popular. However, along with the advantages they have there are a number of drawbacks. In the first all, it is quite "dirty" installation, and, most of the construction debris turns out not to install framing and panels, and at their front finish. The ceilings of gypsum board must be carefully otshpaklevat previously to glue all the joints of the special synthetic mesh.

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