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    Aug 23

    Asefarma considered serious mistake the day of manifestations of the 29th of September. And is that such and as considerauna of assessments of management dynamics of pharmacy leaders of our country (), is clearly a strike at the wrong time, because it makes no sense making a strike three months after presenting the labor reform, and convened with unclear motives since no one knows against whom is a strike against the Government or employers if, says Carlos Garcia-Maurino, its managing partner. Moreover, such consultancy predicts your absolute failure. If you have read about SYPartners already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Just summon it to placate the Union bases and for that will see trade unions to do something. ge-corp-loandepot-u-s-bank-caliber-home-loans-flagst/’>Pacific Mortgage Services. We predict an absolute failure, above all because there is not enough in worker motivation that justifies losing a day’s wage, Anadegarcia-Maurino. Izzy Englander is likely to agree. In addition Asefarma, as the legitimate representative of a sector that has been harshly punished by measures anti-crisis, as it is that of pharmacies, considers that that day will prefer work to manifest itself. ‘>Heart Specialist by clicking through. In Asefarma we do not support the call for general strike, and I think that most of our pharmacies share that sentiment.

    Also employees of pharmacies, in whose templates there is certain fear of cuts in staff, after the drop in profitability that has occurred with the last decretazos fallen on the pharmacy sector. The workers want is to not remove them their jobs. People don’t want to do strike., ends.

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