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    Mar 13

    At the moment the market there are so many varieties of interior doors in this article, we will not consider an array of doors from natural as well as luxury veneered doors cost from $ 350 per sheet. For in purchase doors from this price range you can not do without experts, who will assume and be responsible for all phases of professional measurement before the installation of doors. Many manufacturers of such doors denied the guarantee, if the purchase had been no official representative at, and it is not installed the appropriate (and sometimes even require a certificate – for example, to install the doors Paolo Rossi) specialists. Returning to the topic, consider those options are interior doors, which are the most popular and less demanding as to the financial opportunities for buyers and to his special knowledge and skills in carpentry area. Insides of the doors is most often very similar – a wooden frame, cellular content, the outer layer. Box, trim tiles and fixing plate for those doors at the moment more often made of MDF, at least – of pine array, the array in this case, of course, is better – but more expensive. The variety in this price segment is achieved by coating of doors: primed, laminated, coated with PVC film, veneer. Primed doors require subsequent painting, they are not too different from the price of the cheapest laminate, but again the same mandatory painting dramatically narrows the range of potential buyers doors.

    Laminated doors do not require painting, are from $ 13 to $ 100 for a canvas. Laminate – textured paper impregnated with synthetic resin, of a thickness of 0.4-0.8 mm. Laminated doors have good aesthetic properties, but poorly resistant to mechanical stress and moisture. Covered with PVC film door a little more expensive than laminate, while in no way inferior to them in terms of appearance, and even win. In addition, PVC-coated rigid, resistant to mechanical stress, moisture and keeps its appearance in perfect condition for a very long time. Veneered doors are more expensive laminated and coated with PVC.

    Veneer – wood material, which is Thin sheets of wood that are used for obkleivaniya surface. Natural Veneer produced by cutting part of the surface of solid wood. Pros natural veneer – ecological purity of the material, the uniqueness texture, aesthetics. The color scheme of veneer is practically unlimited. The downside is not very expensive veneer can be glued to call quality – with time he can keep up, and often the lack of high-quality lacquer, because which it will be more susceptible to abrasion. In any event, no matter what door you choose, their functionality and durability will depend largely on the quality of installation.

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