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  • Paint Care, Paint Cleaning And Paint Polishing

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    Dec 30

    About the proper care of coatings and surfaces, an effective vehicle maintenance includes in particular the processing of the paint and the chrome parts through special polishes and paint formats. Maintaining paint and varnish Polish are used in particular for the outside maintenance of vehicles. Within the framework of the possibilities offered by paint care, weathered lacquers can be upgraded. It handled the surfaces with special polishing machines or by hand after applying the varnish Polish. Through the application of appropriate wax polishes, seals of the paint can be made also. Based on a paint care and a lacquer Polish is the thorough cleaning of the paint surface. This universal wash brush, which ensure a thorough cleaning by its perfectly designed bristles, without damaging the paint surface are used.

    Corresponding adapter make sure that different sizes of hose can be connected. In addition to the brush also micro fiber sponges can be used for a rough clean. You have two sides. Thanks to its soft and absorbent strong properties, they support the formation of foam and the cleaning effect is reinforced. Firmly seated and hard removable dirt with brush can be solved, this can be done with the smooth side of the micro fibre sponge. A washing system, which is designed using high pressure for a maximum external cleaning of the vehicle, represents universal – high pressure – washing system.

    For one, a movement of the brush rotating triggered by the pressure of the water ensures the gentle cleaning. In addition, it assumes a high pressure – cleaning head which can be installed to facilitate work on an extension of the telescope, the intensive cleaning. The increased cleaning effect is achieved by that different nozzles preferences affect the intensity of the water jet. Thus, beam work can be done as also a strong clean the surface by an intensification of the water jet.

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