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  • Obstetric Nursing

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    Dec 8

    Over the critic appreciation and done the card index, the subjects that were in all the used bibliography were identified, the chosen only goal was overtook. Discussion and Results: 49 bibliographies between books, websites and published articles were analyzed. After analyzing them, the categories founded were: ‘ ‘ Historic and theoric bases’ ‘ ; ‘ ‘ The care of the health team on the labor’ ‘ and ‘ ‘ Painless labor’ ‘. Conclusion: The psychology support from nursing is really important, being beside the pregnant woman and to her family, hearing then and finding to their real needs; they ploughs the real pregnancy and work protagonists. It? s necessary you be open-eyed about the work care, avoiding drugs and disdain the meanings imputed by the pregnant you the work, because this attitude avoids creating an inhuman atmosphere.

    Keywords: Obstetric Nursing. Midwife.

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