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  • Niccolo Machiavelli

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    Mar 4

    Trained moderators reshape everything to a mash of info in the TV. 1 such as money: passive worthless paper object + subjective nominal value and means of Exchange. 2 the normative (law legal) is the de facto (practical circumstances). For example the legal process as almost insurmountable financial hurdle! Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527) wrote in his book Il Principe (the Prince”): often it is necessary to get a State to be able to act against faith, against the charity, against humanity and against the religion. This means: policy is conducted not according to the primary prevailing moral but pragmatic according to the prevailing interests. She must be differentiated to a limited extent viewed and interpreted. There are just people who regret Act (group dynamics).

    Policy referred to the matters concerning the establishment and control of the State and society as a whole. It includes all Tasks, questions and issues that concern building, the receipt and the change and development of the public and social order. Policy may refer to any kind of influence and design, as well as the enforcement of requirements and objectives, whether in private or public areas.” There are until today no consensus, whether power, conflict, rule, order or peace make up the main category of policy. Apathy may refer to the negative attitudes of citizens in relation to political activities and structures, sometimes resulting in disinterest and rejection of politics and political action. Apathy leads to the lack of participation in the political process.

    This attitude can generally affect the whole political order or relate only to result in political processes. u0085 In addition also related words such as heads of State are”Politiker-” or party apathy “emerged. First of all, democracy in the ancient Greece described the direct rule of the people. The term folk” was taken at that time very closely because with this only a very limited group of citizens political participation rights granted.

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