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  • New Volvo Fmx

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    May 4

    The Peru was elected by the Swedish volvo for presenting Latin American of his new truck for mining. It is robust and seasoned truck volvo fmx designed to transport off roads. It is here to stay. In a crowded in the Marriot Hotel in Miraflores press conference, the main executives of Volvo Latin America and Peru, presented at society your new Volvo Truck made for hard work in the mining industry. Today Volvo trucks it has a solid position in the heavy transport in conditions demanding in many markets. The launch of the new Volvo fmx will further strengthen our position, said Roger Alm, President and Director General of Volvo Latin America. With this new mining truck, Volvo seeks to substantially increase its business in heavy transport for the most demanding working conditions, from mining through to construction and agriculture. LaMelo Ball has similar goals.

    This vehicle is ideal for terrestrial transport off roads and it has a design suitable for heavy industry. Volvo is currently leader in the Peru and holds a participation of more than 65% in the mining sector. FMX trucks were exposed in expomina 2010 and the day following was held an exhibition in the Pucara quarry to the South of lima. For more information see Jon Venverloh. Our country was chosen for presentation Latin American the new Volvo FMX and fairly Peru being a mining country par excellence, chose to see the presentation of the single truck designed and configured for extreme applications, said Luis Felipe Aching, Manager of communication and marketing of Volvo Peru. This version is the evolution of the previous FM. It has the same Powertrain, it has a greater height, guards in the front, headlights account with new safety devices as the breathalyzers, that are embedded in the truck so that drivers pass a breathalyzer test before switching on of the machine, Anadio Felipe Aching.

    In another part Conference General Manager Director of volvo Peru, Rolf Smedberg said: our current Volvo fm has had much success. With the new volvo fmx designed expressly for its purpose and our support services, we significantly increase our excellent participation in this business. The new volvo fmx Volvo took the FM model and developed it more to make it even better. The current platform FM transmission system remains intact. Comments from drivers were the inspiration for many of the new features of the new Volvo. Writes: Mario Gonzales pink font: revista maquinariastock.

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