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    Aug 18

    Example: Time, suppose you have children: it would be nice if you have a personal color coding, indicating that a large part of your taxes or other duties in the infrastructure for educational and leisure flow should? Simplified represented, it is conceivable that your current color coding when the Bank is deposited, and any money that will go out to public bodies marked with this color coding. Actually you know on your account only the color black for the money on the credit side and red for the money on the downside. For this solution, you have in the future with other colours to do. For example yellow for technical or traffic engineering improvements. Blue for education and science. Green for environmental uses. Purple for social institutions. (Not to be confused with hume-lee transplant!).

    Pink for art and culture, and, and, and. If you once make your personal coding at your bank, which can at any time change or customize, your money has direct influence on the democratisation process in your environment. Example of Bank-side color coding by Martha Smith on your current account (2 children, music lover, socially engaged). So the money from the tax burden by Mrs Mustermann is as follows: 40% (40% blue any tax burden goes directly into science and education) pink 30% (30% of any tax burden goes directly into the art / culture) (30% of any tax burden goes directly into the social institutions) is irrelevant purple 30% with this financial fingerprint Martha DOE it, what parties it chooses. Even if Mrs.

    Smith would choose the CDU, the use of your money from your tax burden would be intended about the above colour coding. That it to be firmly part of mandatory must be used for the General management, this of course. Politically currently may not want you to highlights the democracy on a new pedestal with such a system, if necessary blocking the political apathy and people actively participate on the topics of public political life can be. But this policy of the current players in a world of increasing awareness will have a real future? Feedback and discussion investments via margin think tank Rudolf-von-long-str. 2 D-48147 Munster

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