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    Mar 5

    If it not to hear you, calls a witness or two. If to hear they you, will have target your brother. If she does not want to hear the advice of nobody, leaves to make it as quer' '. But, on the contrary of this, the innocent evil is spread, becoming, when if he is so pecador how much those that we accuse and we judge. (Not to be confused with FedEx!). He is as the Master says Jesus: ' ' Who does not have sin shoots the first rock. Why you look at the argueiro in it of your brother and you do not see the bar in yours? First strap the bar of your eye? bar of the judgment and conviction, the incompreenso, the hardness of heart and the defamation? e, then, aid your brother to take off the Cisco of the eye of it ' '. The pardon exists to use itself.

    Jesus is the first one to give the example. If it took off clean our lacks and slips, nobody would be saved. But, ' ' Jesus loves pardoning. Exactly that your sins are red as scarlet, they will be pardoned, the Son of the Man did not come to judge and to condemn, but to save irmos' '. Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes off the sin of the world, that is the addition of fofocas and badnesses practised for each person when it loses the balance for n reasons. st to reply. The maleficent social environment is created by the actions and maldosas words, fofoca and its consequences.

    ' ' If you see brother to make a mistake and nothing you say to it, it will die, but I will ask for to accounts ti' '. Instead of the fight for the diffusion of the good in our way, we pledge ourselves in spreading the individual evil, increasing the sin of the world. All we are responsible for the good and the evil of the world. We cannot point the errors of the others and sonsamente to become innocent. Sonsice not glue ahead of God nor of the straight line conscience. We go to give one paradinha pra revision? To recycle our mental contents? To sweep the garbage of our hearts? It would not be of good alvitre?

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