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    Sep 17

    We call Ethics the set of things that the people make when all are looking at. The set of things that the people make when nobody is looking at calls Character (Wilde Oscar) With the advance of the technology the managers comes leaving of side the ethical principles and organizacionais values and adopting certain attitudes who must be defaceladas, these attitudes come leaving many companies in the soil, will go to treat in this research some topics in which they make in them to perceive that the ethics are the main tool of management, we will go to translate of form sucinta the concept of ethics To the ethics in century XXI comes englobando you vary facetas of definition, after the sprouting of the social nets the ethics definition opened new routes, as for example ethics in the Internet this send to respect the personal information of the others, the information contained in a personal page and not to try to burlar passwords, emails and codes to obtain inherent information only to its owner. Another definition of ethics very gift in century XXI is stokes it professional that many are leaving of side and losing the focus, all company, professional all worthy who obligatorily it must load I obtain the ethics. Not only the professional more yes all. The ethics have importance and respect form, would seem, friendship, professional respect, and in the social conviviality, for a good relationship in the social conviviality it needs yourself ethics, the ethics in the current days can be considered as a form therefore is it who will mold our character, our values, it is who will teach in them to follow rules and is it who in the ones of the references. A professional who does not possess ethics is based proper values being these good ones or bad this professional according to acts its impulse without thinking about the consequences caused for such attitude, this professional presumption is capable of everything since fraud until robberies and desfalcations in the company who works. Pegasus Books helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

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