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    May 3

    Which makes sense to buy machines spending more than $ 1 million at the same time, saving 20 thousand while losing up to 90% efficiency of purchased machines? However, at present day this absurd situation is commonplace in Russia. Perhaps this article will find its readers and will help to understand this issue. Now understand, who is best suited for work on cnc machine tools and how to choose staff? On the one hand, older machine operators with good practical skills of manual metal, on the other young people who are fluent in a personal computer, but do not have metalworking skills who wish to a profession and work in areas with cnc? Most likely, the new site with imported cnc machines should choose something in between, for example, workers who have already experience of working on old domestic machines as well as young people who want a career, , but not with sufficient practical experience. Three-day intensive course, conducted an experienced instructor on the job is enough for beginning of independent work as an operator of modern imported cnc machine tools. On the other hand, to work as technologists, programmers, nc I would recommend to oblige undergoing hand metal in order to obtain practical experience. Working in western companies, I often faced with the fact that when applying for a job as a programmer nc I had to practically prove that I own manual metal processing. As a test, offered to produce a simple piece on a manual machine! If successful, the test allowed me to work already at the cnc, where I also had to demonstrate skills practical metalworking. And only after that I started immediately to his duties as a programmer. This practice is not used yet in Russia, but it can be assumed that these times are just around the corner. So, to sum up this brief article. The success of the introduction of the latest imported machine tools depend on many factors, such as: 1 Qualifications of staff (computer + machine) 2 Modern cutting tools 2 Software cadcam software Only a joint application of all these elements entails truly a technological breakthrough in the metal, the prosperity of businesses and employees.

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