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  • Latter Elements

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    Jan 27

    That is, each legal theory or the right has its ways of studying the law, or its parts which allows us to understand more easily the same which is not as positive law or legislation, since the latter part of the first. The multidimensional theory of law provides that the right is made up of many elements in this regard than the three-dimensional theory of law. Dimensional theory of law provides that the right is composed of three elements, which is necessary to mention that ignores important part of the law as enforceable, doctrine, custom, law, general principles of law, social reality and manifestation of will among other sources of law. Therefore we can say that the law is very complex to study and understand. There are many people who believe that the right only legislation with which we disagree. Since, for otherwise it is composed of many elements.

    In this sense we can say that only by pursuing a career in law implies knowing only part of the law. The right is comprised of many elements, which we consider in this treaty, since no law or just positive law. No one can understand the business law but multidimensional study the theory of law. Which must be taken into account in all branches of law and legal disciplines. Why it developed in this research. That is, for corporate law is vital multidimensional theory of law, for that reason we developed this theme in this research. Many attorneys confuse law with positive law or legislation, so we developed this study to allow a broader approach to the topic or research.

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