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    Dec 31

    In Germany, corporate succession is always a topical issue. A current example of how it can run, but should not be corporate succession here in Germany always a topical issue. Here a current example, as it can run, but should not be our client had bought in early 2007 the company where he worked previously as an employee, his boss for round 500,000.00. The chef, so the clear agreement in the notary contract, no longer committed itself in the industry working, but its actually well-deserved retirement to enjoy. So far, so good you might think. Unfortunately diligently continued the ex-boss of our client’s existing customers and did all the work in black”under the hand for prices that our client could possibly beat.

    After consulting with his lawyers, he expressed this suspicion that we were switched on and observed the ex-boss of our client’s seven days, with three detectives each twelve hours a day and “so not only eleven were different construction sites, including the principal and, in three cases visually document (photo / video) also the transfer of cash, but even a current employee transferred our principal who worked full time, and provided him immediately with details of current customers and construction sites of our client’s vacation for the ex-boss”. The lawyers of our client’s in the meantime switched the Labour Inspectorate, the Office and the competent Handwerkskammer and informed them about the illegal activities of the ex-Chief. Beyond these is they are also for the cost of the detective on the civil way after all round 16,000.00 EUR. The current employees received the termination on the day of delivery of the report. Information on this and other detective topics, see also

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