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    Oct 29

    Manager evaluates his work on a number of parameters pointed out the mistakes, and then informs the employee of the monitoring. Together, they dismantled the dialogue with the client of the operator and the manager puts him an overall assessment. In good sall-centers, each operator goes through monitoring at least once per shift. Clearly, with such control people try to work qualitatively all the time. A constant feedback from the manager to help them avoid mistakes and improve your communication with subscribers. Except addition, managers can always get detailed statistics on the performance of each operator per shift on the following parameters: number of processed calls, total time spent on communication with subscribers and on breaks, the number of rings interrupted subscribers and interrupted by the operator, etc. If any figure from one operator is significantly different from the average of the shift, then, is to understand: perhaps this fellow is doing something wrong, and maybe vice versa – it works much better than others.

    In short, the modern sall center has all the necessary technical resources to ensure customer agents work with their clients, given the appropriate standards quality. The call center as a laboratory for marketing Working with sall center offers, besides all the above, is also an opportunity to gather a large amount of statistical data on existing and potential customers. Since statements during the conversation asked subscriber mark questions, we can easily get their quantitative distribution, as well as ask sall-center record verbatim customer comments. In addition, the operators themselves ask questions. So it is possible to obtain socio-demographic "portrait" of those who are interested in goods or services, find out what products they are buying competitors, and more. Another plus: having a few sall Center phone numbers, you can place them in various advertisements and quantify what advertising brings a greater effect. Similarly, placing the phone number sall center in television commercials, you can learn to what channels and when advertising brings in more feedback, and optimize your advertising dollars. And finally, this makes the marketing of the Laboratory Centre sall function testing different ways to "exit" on potential customers: a comparison of the efficiency of databases, performance measurement options for the presentation of services by telephone, an analysis of various communication strategies. It is important that the technology allows sall Center quantitatively – in percentage, the number of customers, sales – to monitor the results of such experiments. Having been in this "laboratory of marketing" accurate data about market reaction to the proposal, the firm can reasonably to plan long-term large-scale advertising campaign.

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