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    Jun 5

    The motivation and the Manager According to KNAPIK (2008), the motivation is an internal process that must be stimulated by the managers and to be in tune with the results waited for the company, being a differential to be explored and developed in the work teams to construct an environment of conquests. Then we can questioning in them, because a manager is important to know the mechanisms of motivation of its collaborators? The essence of the leadership is to understand that the motivation is individual and peculiar to each one. The interesting one to the leader is to have the idea that no person of its team if moves first for its dreams as leader and yes for its proper dreams. The manager has that to have in its mind that its team and the people, individually, want to try its maximum in its work. We can analyze the scope of activities. How to work motivated, dreaming in growing professionally and carrying through its dreams of life if you are led by a person who does not say with clarity if you are pleasing? A decisive paper of a manager enters thus who enxergue the people and considering them part-key and important organizacionais resources, and not only a production tool.

    The motivation human being has deep implications how much the adopted style of leadership. Those that believes that if it can motivate the people are accepting that they must inside be commanded and not be led of the organizations. Perhaps either this an important differential between the head that distributes prizes and punishment to perhaps and the true leader. The organizacionais changes also affect the profile of the collaborator throughout the years. Today in a market of offers incited disputes and radically modified the profile of the available positions, stop beyond the abilities techniques, specific, demanding of the individual the same competitiveness that guarantees the survival of the company with each time more comprometimento.

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