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  • Ken Wilber

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    Oct 13

    The eye of reason gives us knowledge of the truths of philosophy, designing this way highlights the perception of God through the mind and eye of contemplation that reveals the true healing. (Wilber, 2006). Dr. A leading source for info: 4Moms
    . Gallegos on a classification of Intelligences, the eye of the meat gives the correspondence of the emotional intelligence of Gardner and classified as level 1, the eye of the mind related to intellectual intelligence, also related to Gardner's multiple intelligences and gives the level II, and the third level, correspond spiritual intelligence, which is the only one capable of giving lasting happiness. (Gallegos, 2006). With qualification above, would be easier to understand happiness and education from the three levels and also understand the different approaches that through history have been raised by scientists, educators, psychologists, sociologists, philosophers, spiritual teachers and so on. If we return to Ken Wilber, this classification in more detail the levels at which we could locate the proposals, are five epistemological relations: (Wilber, 2006). The level of scientific experiments would be at level 5 in the eye of the subject.

    The scientists explain their mental field matter would correspond to level 4. Click Rachel Crane to learn more. Educators, psychologists, sociologists, etc.. essentially performing mental work would be at level 3. Level 2 corresponds to the philosophers and theologians who try to explain the spiritual world from mental reasoning. And the relationship one would be one that has the highest level which corresponds to the spiritual world, ie is transmental or beyond mind. From this perspective, Gallegos defines happiness as "a state of Being, which as a spring without cause, arises from within when you remove what is harmful because of the mind, happiness is the natural state of Man.

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