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    Sep 22

    Italian cuisine is the best in Europe Spanish cuisine in the second post all results here: #post – 2347 Zeist, November 15, 2010 the Italian cuisine is clearly the best, according to the results of an international survey with more than 10,000 participants. Visitors to the websites Zoover holiday reviews, could give your vote to your favorite national kitchen. Survey the Italian cuisine was the most voted, while English cuisine just had votes. The tastiest Italian cuisine almost a quarter of all voters chose as his favorite Italian cuisine. The Italian food is known the world over for its great variety and their seasonal dishes. Spanish cuisine has been the second most votes with less than 15% of the votes. They are above all the Spanish tapas that are giving to meet with much success abroad.

    France, the country of haute cuisine, had to settle for third place. The specialties of the English kitchen obtained less than 3% of the votes. The Mediterranean dishes are fashionable study shows that the Mediterranean dishes are extremely popular, since the 4 most voted kitchens come all of the Mediterranean countries. The main ingredients of Mediterranean cuisine tend to be fresh and it makes use of local products. This creates a large number of regional dishes where each zone serves its own typical dishes with aromas and flavors.

    Much interest by the Spanish food, Spanish cuisine had a 14.4% of the total of the votes, thus becoming the second most voted kitchen. The Belgians are who most appreciate our kitchen since they gave a 31 percent of the vote to Spanish cuisine, leaving Italy very behind with 3%. Assess the meal of lodging the valuations of travel Zoover website visitors also have the opportunity to evaluate the quality of the food of the accommodations that have visited. This assessment is done separately local cuisine. From these data it is accommodation in Austria to serve the best food, followed by very closely by Belgium and Germany. It is striking that most rated kitchens in the survey, here do not appear in the top positions. On zoover.es the Zoover website is present in 21 countries and receives nearly 80 million visitors annually. The web has more than 1.2 million ratings and more than 250,000 accommodations in more than 42,000 destinations around the world. The best traditional Italian cuisine in Scacco Matto Absolut Madrid gastronomy: A good Italian food Absolut Italy the 5 themes favorites of LAS VOTACIONES BELGIANS ogaespain.com on November 4, 1960 Born to Queen. Fabiola, a Spaniard in the Court of Belgium cuisine Italian Pepekitchen, 16 October 2010 course, Malaga

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