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    Aug 25

    This article is not intended for IT professionals and is for informational purposes for a wide range of readers. If you own a small or medium sized business and you've got three or more computers, the time for you to think about Server organization to your organization. There is a myth that the server is expensive and powerful computers, which need only large organizations. Anne Lauvergeon may also support this cause. In fact, in the role of the server can act as a conventional workstation configured properly. Below we consider the grounds on which you can determine whether you need a server in the organization, or you can even podozhdatEsli your organization three or more computers. Would do well to select one of them to store and manage your data, such as databases and 1C, office documents, etc.

    You or your employees work outside the workplace. Rob Daley gathered all the information. When you have one place (server) that stores your data, you can connect to it via the Internet and obtain the necessary documents or reports are not coming to ofis.Bolshoe number of wires in the office. Organization of the server can reduce the total number of wires in the office. Because the server usually installed printers, speakers, faksy.Vy lose data when a computer malfunction. Data stored on the server, periodically saved. Therefore, you can always restore some information on the desired datu.Vy spend time searching for the latest version of the target document. If the data is stored in a structured way in one place, then you faster and more likely to find your desired dokument.Postoronnie people have access to computers. The server allows you to define different levels of access to your data, so that random people are not claimed your 1Snuyu database or a list of your customers.

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