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    Nov 6

    Hello want to know to do business from the Internet, is not as easy as some want you to believe, make you believe that you will make money while you sleep, or you’re gonna win millions by clicking a page, lie!. By favooor who earn money without doing anything?, if really these safe work on the Internet have to be decided in hard work with very clear objectives, the results are very good if you’ve worked on truth. What you should know, which is the way you should take and how to start, I want that you notes well what I’m going to say if you want to really work on the Internet right now. I’ll summarize in three phases starting this business, with a simple to understand, map if your want to learn each topic in-depth, I write to my mail this pointed to more down and will gladly help you. 1. First: you have to think, plan and decide very well what are you going to offer Internet: – a book (ebook)-writes something that you really like, can be a recipe for fish and seafood, a course in guitar, etc.

    etc. – a product-is a little more complicated because you have to see many topics, remember that the Internet is selling to the world, so you have to know how you are going to send your product, and the cost of freight per country. It is more investment if you still don’t have your product ready, but not impossible. -Some service-is more easy to create a highly qualified market, if you are a dentist for example can reach customers that are very close to your Office. -Transform your traditional business into business online, etc. Etc 2.-Secondly, you have to create a website for your business. -Buy your domain (.COM) I recommend – buy your hosting, best sales purposes I recommend this one I use.

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