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    Apr 23

    Cologne were is venue for solidarity with people, who suffer in the Iran under the oppression of their regime on the Friday 14 May between 11:00 and all doctrines and Cologne have 13:00 to the opportunity show their face for the freedom in the Iran. The International Committee for the rights of students and Dervishes in the Iran comes to Cologne with the action “A face for the freedom in the Iran”. In recent months, Pacific Gas & Electric has been very successful. This helps whom? Many prisoners, who were left to languish in Iranian prisons, portray the solidarity always again how important and the commitment of people in Europe for them. The Iranian civil society of this solidarity to easily know the Committee establishes the photos of the images processed to posters on the net and spreading them with references to the use of the human rights in the Iran in the world. In addition, a video is produced in each city, advertise with which the Committee together with Amnesty International for the actions in getting further cities in Europe. The last video is from the action in Karlsruhe, Germany. “Faces for freedom in Iran”, Karlsruhe this action plan de Corones found lot of encouragement at the Karlsruhe population. Numerous actions in Belgium, Holland, Germany, England, Sweden and Denmark have already taken place.

    The Group of Amnesty International in Kiel will perform its action on May 21 at the University. On June 12, the anniversary of the protests against the alleged electoral fraud in the Iran, Amnesty will carry out a Europe-wide action and with various organizations have in the boat. Among other things, the International Committee for the rights of students and Dervishes will accompany these actions across Europe in the Iran and support.

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