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    Jan 21

    It is common to hear relaitar relieved the accumulated stress, they have released emotions related to old traumas, they feel more confident in themselves and in their own bodies. They also often say they understand and can now overcome old patterns of behavior that had conisecuencias unwanted by them. Noa forget, to indicate to Taylor, who before the first of breathing exercises, learners receive a thorough theoretical preparation that includes a description of the main phenomena (biographical, perinatal and transpersonal) produced a session Holotropic duirante . They also receive technical instructions so they can work in pairs to alternativaimente breathing or accompany the person respiranido. We discuss the possible contraindications physical or emotional, and when there is some fear, is sought from an expert opiinion. For example, people who maniifiestan difficulties relating to cardiovascular function and people who have been diagnosed with glaucoma can not undertake Holotropic breathing. The experience of Holotropic Breathwork is largely internal and mostly verbal interivenciones not performed. Facilitators lead a guided relaxation to help the person breathe relax your body and prepare for the session.

    At the end of relaxation, the facilitators will suggest to people starting to breathe more Raipe and deeply than usual. Although at the beginning of the session was to suggest to the person who breathes that intensiifique the pace of your breathing, also will be encouraged to find their own pace. And so, after the session has started breathing, the person breathes reciibe not breathe no indication in any way partiicular. As the breathing becomes deeper, the facilitators make you listen to some music, which can be both evocative and rhythmic. As the session progresses, people who breathe come in unusual states of consciousness, or states Holotropic. What can be seen from the outside gun range is the person or moment. Some people are very quiet, as if they were in deep meditation.

    Others begin to swing or make different rhythmic movements. Some scream, moan, cry or expreisan anger. Sometimes, the person who asks for help breathe exipresar feelings or sensations, but is more common to find internal resources to afford the experience that comes, or to render herself and comiprension protection you need. The experiences may differ between one individual and another, and between sessions. With freicuencia, the same individual lives different experiences in each of the sessions of breathing. a Industrial Engineer-manager, lawyer, UC, EGADE (ITESM) Postgraduate master’s in business administration, quality and productivity, education PhD Professor of Graduate Education Faces UC.

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