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    Dec 18

    At that time the medical one was the only qualified person to teach, and was its responsibility to decide which functions would be exerted by the nursing pupils. Florence faleceu in 13 of August of 1910, to the 90 years of age leaving to blossom the education of the nursing. In Brazil, ' ' Ana Neri was one of the precursors of nursing moderna' ' , its name was homaged in the first school of nursing officialized for the federal government, after the recognition of its paper in the assistance to the Brazilian soldiers in the war of the Paraguay of 1864 the 1870. Ana Justina Nri Blacksmith was born in the Waterfall village of Paraguau-BA, in 13 of December of 1814, Ana Nri faleceu in Rio De Janeiro – RIO DE JANEIRO, in day 20 of May of 1880. It is considered the matriarca of the nursing in Brazil. Innumerable abilities and abilities exist that must be developed in the period of the formation and the trajectory of this profession.

    Between them: character, responsibility, ethics, love for the profession, good will, attention, understanding and empatia. This activity to take care of of the next one is of pure and ample essence in subjects of cares to the human being Some time behind the attention of the professionals of the health if it limited to the cares and the attendance of the patients, and little it was worried about the proper health in its environment of work. Today he is recognized that the professionals of the area of the health, as well as in any segment of performance they are citizens to the risks of its labor activities. In such a way they are displayed to the industrial accidents, the ocupational diseases and occupational. In the current days the schools techniques and the facultieses of nursing are with high pedagogical level of teach-learning, and also in what its infrastructure in classroom says respect to all, laboratories and in the supervised periods of training, preparing the agent future of the health area, for the diversities that will go to find day-by-day in its. The nursing is the science and the art of taking care of, basically necessary to all the peoples and all the nations. She is necessary to keep the preservation of the life and the health of the human beings in all the social levels. TWELVE OF MAY DAY OF the PROFESSIONAL OF the AREA OF the HEALTH a Homage to the Pupils of the Course of Nursing of the FOYER School Technique

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