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  • Identifying Equipment

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    Feb 5

    Cranes, boom-type (road, track, Tamping, tower) is very widely used in the construction of various. load from the weight lifted load sees boom equipment Crane – its elements: struts, panels, racks. Hikmet Ersek shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Of the bearing capacity of boom equipment depends not only efficiency as the crane production mechanism, but also the safety performance of the construction process obekta.Pri an extraordinary full technical inspection of the crane (after assembly and installation of the crane at a construction site) is required to identify the crane, crane mechanisms and co- boom equipment. Under the identification involves identifying accessories replacement equipment this particular boom cranes: whom, when and what material made some items steel crane. The practice of expert examination of cranes jib type indicates that it is very difficult to identify. There have been cases when the boom (the boom: insert one or more) were made for a similar crane completely different manufacturer.

    Consider the example crane boom crawler type of icg. You can count more than three companies – manufacturers of cranes ICG-25 br. All of them are produced and removable boom equipment, which complement their taps. In recent years, due to the aging fleet of cranes, are often made equipment cranes. Of several cranes equipped with one – hard-working. Sometimes on such cranes, jib set equipment, which is not known how many years, the material of construction of the steel structure can be installed only on the basis of chemical analysis, and when, by whom repaired almost .K typical problems of identification of the boom mobile cranes include: 1.otsutstvie original plate manufacturer crane. The main possible causes absence of signs – loss due to insecure or plaque removed by vandals. 2.otsutstvie signs on the drive motors, drive mechanisms to set (compare with the passport) type electric motor, its specifications, the manufacturer and date of manufacture, 3.otsutstvie plate manufacturers in the appliances and security devices, 4.otsutstvie set of technical documentation: drawings, instructions for installation and operation, electrical connections, kinematic characteristics showing gears and open gears, documentation on the safety devices). Technical expert and / or TuV employee performing examinations to be taken all measures for the identification of components, parts and components for the crane to ensure the safe performance of works using lifting equipment. To do this, it is useful to chemical analysis of metal parts crane, outsource non-destructive testing for ultrasonic and magnetic particle flaw detection, to use instruments for measuring the coercive force, which will take a reasoned decision about the possible terms and conditions of further operation of the crane at a construction site.

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