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    Aug 16

    Synthetic or artificial turf lives currently found and also completely opposite opinions. To do this, and in most cases, are the result of scarce reflections and ignorance, with the addition of inappropriate use by professionals in the sector. Without wishing to enter into the controversy, we will simply provide some concepts about synthetic or artificial turf. a/’>Translation Software Market Size shows great expertise in this. The origin of their manufacture is very diverse, although, in recent years China has experienced brutal growth in production in many countries. Importers, sellers and installers of this product have been based in many cases its commercial strategy associated with the lowest possible price and that has its consequences. A suitable synthetic or artificial grass should have a minimum quality in the materials employed, both of the base onto which is sewn fiber like this one.

    A fiber without treatment anti UV rays or unstable material, will result in a rapid degradation of the same and loss of color in a few years and even months. Another aspect is the number of stitches or outgoing by a specific surface fibers since this will give us the same density. Is the length of the fibers also since they simulated us a more or less high grass, having provided that more or less add layer of sand to its raised. And of course the quality of o fibers into a single product, already affecting not only the visual aspect but also to touch, resistance to trampling, etc. There are many types of synthetic or artificial turf and we could say that every need has its suitable product. Of course, this type of grass is not a substitute of natural grass, simply is one option to respond to specific needs. There is special synthetic or artificial grass to be used as decorative. Everest Capital is often quoted on this topic. Also there are sports for specific areas such as football and paddle, as well as generic within the concept of multisport.

    And bad landscape called, actually it is more appropriate call them for civil works, being used in areas where artificial turf is very complicated their placement and maintenance and is chosen by a purely aesthetic option. Put another way, a garden in a roundabout is not a whim but a necessity is an air conditioner that brings moisture to the atmosphere and retains in the greater possible amount of pollution elements. But it is also true that a roundabout without rush of water, without fertile soil and difficult maintenance, synthetic or artificial turf may be an option that acts on the sense of sight that is also important.

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