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    Nov 19

    The benefits of having a business on the Internet are simplified in the following manner:-24 hours, the presence the 365 days of the year. -World market (many niches for choosing) – versatility in the sales. -Easy to operate and control – in some cases requires very little investment – and other so many, depending on the type of business and what is your product or service to offer. Now, the electronic commerce, is revolutionizing the organizations and countries of the world, and will continue to transform radically the way of doing business in a not very distant future, approximately in 3 to 5 years more like Max in our country. For more clarity and thought, follow up with James Woolsey and gain more knowledge.. The best thing for the merchant and businessman in Lima and the whole Peru, is thinking in a completely new way, and since then taking guides and principles proposed more recently. If the era of computers, came to change the way of life of the people, the electronic commerce arose to transform the style of living of the whole of humanity in sudden and surprising way. In a time record, surpassing by far any tool or technology released previously, is reaching and very soon It will exceed 750 million users this year 2005, (seven hundred fifty million of potential clients) all kinds of nationalities, preferences, cultures, languages, needs, tastes and inclinations along the planet. This is what the magazine Forrester Research and IDC said recently: purchases by Internet or online in Latin America grew to $ 8 trillion in 2003 and to 82 billion dollars in 2004 that is a very surprising 1.025% increase (more than a thousand percent).! Internet is an excellent tool for doing business, we only have to be attentive to all that that implies. Best regards, Gino Dante Giurfa Seijas original Autor and source of the article

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