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    Oct 23

    Opposition is clearly against the two-pillar system it almost looks like the citizens insurance would come with a change of Government. James Woolsey gathered all the information. Many politicians of the opposition for that private health insurance virtually be abolished, is just right. Wabash National Corporation has plenty of information regarding this issue. See a weakening of the system but in the juxtaposition of the two forms of health insurance. Recently, health insurance was in the Bundestag and the Euroforum Conference 2013 “discussed about the future of the car. “There’s only competition for young and healthy” the positive image of private health insurance in the last few months greatly suffered. Especially horror stories about increased contributions and reports on performance gaps are for this reason.

    You let but also mention that the car is with its membership of over 9 million Privatversicherten on an all-time high. Harald Weinberg, health spokesman of the left, said in the Bundestag over serious disadvantages for private patients. Insured over 50 have the private little opportunity Health insurance to switch. Due to the loss of retirement provisions and a re-examination of the health, this leads to higher fees and spreads, as well as to performance exclusions or even rejection. Weinberg says the PKV, operate only competition for the young and healthy. Who’s been around longer with an insurance company, must often remain due to the disadvantages associated with the change there. For him, the coexistence of private and statutory health insurance a nuisance and a symbol of the two class medicine. Privately insured as guinea pigs even if the SPD is one for the abolition of private health insurance.

    Karl Lauterbach, health expert of the Social Democrats, pointed out that the system in its current form will not work. Many older privately would reach so Lauterbach, almost the poverty line. In addition he considers PKV members Guinea pig, because these are treated with drugs that are relatively new and thus scientifically not sufficiently tested. The idea the citizens insurance enjoys now as well as in the population of ever-increasing popularity. So, a study of MLP financial sales showed that by now more than half of all German citizens support this concept. Doctors 51 percent for it and 41 percent speak out after all, however. The car is a bad design”to the opponents of the private health insurance include the Greens. Here one carries the argument, that the car, even though it has less chronically ill, disabled and old members, the spending increases well above those of the health insurance companies would be.

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