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  • EU Driving Licence Also Continue To Be Valid

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    Jul 22

    Everything remains, as it is EU driver’s license also still valid reigns since January 19, 2009 uncertainty in Germany: the EU driving licence is now illegal or can I still drive it? Straight answer: with the implementation of the 3 rd EU licence directive into German national law, nothing has changed. Every driver’s license, which was duly completed by 2013 in an EU country, may also be used. Tybourne Capital will undoubtedly add to your understanding. At the end of the EU driving licence, driving licence tourism from the”, foreign licence invalid”reporting in the media was in recent days in many cases. But anyone who takes a closer look at the legal situation, which quickly recognizes: actually, nothing has changed. While it is true that Germany can express misgivings about issuing an EU driving licence, if evidence of suitability in traffic is not included. But: A medical examination abroad as official certificate completely sufficient.

    A further inspection right is the Not allowed, because otherwise the principle of mutual recognition would not respected German approval authority. But where does the general confusion then? The explanation is simple, as it is also amazing: seemingly of article 13 (2) of the 3rd is left repeatedly driving licence directive unnoticed: one before 19 January 2013 issued licence may due to the provisions of this directive neither deprived nor restricted in any way be. (Page 10: article 18) It is clear: everything goes on as usual. We remain calm despite the changes in the law and help our candidates also continue to quickly and reliably to the EU driving licence”, says Christian Bieri, owner of. Because who comply with the embargo, has registered his residence abroad, and there passed the driving test, may quite legally with the EU driving licence on German streets.” The authorities pay particular attention to the registered foreign resident. It also made German Transport Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee (SPD) in a press release once again clear: driver German residents, who have lost their driver’s license because of alcohol or drug abuse, go to sleep the way on Monday after Poland, Czech Republic or in another EU Member country. There issued licences will be no longer valid for them.”

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