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    Oct 8

    The Index of Development of the Basic Education (Ideb) that created for the Inep in 2007 it is a result systemize of data on pertaining to school approval, gotten in the Pertaining to school Census, and averages of performance in the evaluations of the Inep, the Saeb? for the units of the federacy and the country, and the Brazil Test? for the cities. in this scene that the capital of the Tocantins comes above average if detaching reaching indices established by the MEC? Ministry of the Education. Word Key: Education, Ideb, Quality of Ensino, abstract In search of quality education.

    Brazil has established various types of assessments applied you students and institutions, these instruments indicate that the situation currently is being evaluated served a garment of departure will be goals you be achieved in the future. The Index of beginner’s all-purpose symbolic instruction code Education Development (Ideb) that created by INEP in 2007 is result of systematic dates on school approval, obtained in the school census, and the country, and Proof Brazil? you the municipalities. Against this backdrop, the capital of Tocantins has been outstanding reaching levels above the average established by MEC? Ministry of Education. Keiywords: Educacation, Ideb, Quality of education Introduction the form in the investment of the public administrations in the education are carried through in elapsing of history had always suffered criticize for the objetividade lack, action as for example in a hypothetical situation, tarring of a next street to a pertaining to school Unit, is considered investment in the education, doubtlessly is a necessary action, but not as focus of the improvement of the quality of with priority education in the process education learning.

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