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  • Dr Deepack Chopra

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    Jun 26

    . In the first spiritual success of Dr Deepack Chopra law the law of pure potentiality is speaks to us about the self reference that is not another thing that follow our internal guidelines, follow the dictates of our mind and heart, many times these actions that we will undertake to not will be understood, accepted or applauded by majorities, however something powerful internalIt tells you that you must follow, continue, there is a balance in those decisions that you’ve made for your interior giving positive, i.e. the result then do a thoughtful and thorough study they give you that you must undertake actions X, and maybe don’t share with the approval and applause of your loved ones, of friends and close relatives, but the beating of your heart and your inner intuition tell you that you must follow to forward. Sometimes we can’t measure in our finite minds the consequence in the long term of a particular conduct, of a particular decision or action, in a step towards a certain direction, but at the end of the road you will notice says that what you decided was what better could do at the moment in which you were and the results well, worth. To live an autoreferida life need courage, bravery and responsibility, we cannot go through life, doing and saying things and then doing that we didn’t say them or did not make them, we have to take responsibility for all and each one of our actions, thoughts and words, as well as all its consequences, whether we like them or not, this is what takes us definitively to exclaim: I am free! We can not feel freedom without before assuming the TOTATLIDAD of what has happened in our lives, that gives a power so great that you can experience only when you live it. Live to please others! that trap friends and friends so subtle and devastating, let’s be yourself, stop listening to your inner voice, and ultimately disconnected you so who are you definitely it impossible to enjoy the peace and the joy ends of being who you really are. This undoubtedly has a price, there is nothing great, glorious, or simply good for you that you want, in that you don’t have to pay a price, and the freedom of thought, action, and the development and evolution of being passes through the emancipation of self, regardless of external opinion good or bad, and that hurts, being assertive, it hurts, say no when you have to say that not and if when you want to say yes, it hurts, we must learn to endure the disapproval of othershandlers, external manipulations, the part enjoyable yield for a moment and sell our point of view and sometimes up to our dignity, and keep us faithful to our Center, our truth and let time reveals the truth. Ultimately if you gonna live your life trying to please others, find that others claim with the movement of their heads your actions, I tell you from now, get ready to reach an impasse, which will lose the most important in the world: yourself and live your own life..

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