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  • Democracy And Citizenship

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    Oct 4

    Democracy and citizenship, two concepts that we hear almost every day and we take them for granted, but in reality, what imply these concepts in our lives in society? In recent times is us it has bombarded with campaigns to make us believe that we live in a pluralistic and participatory democracy. My perception is that democracy as they paint us there. Citizens recognize that our political representatives, who are quick to take to the streets to make propaganda in times of election but hide in their seats or in their power wheelchairs once they acquire the popular vote are responsible for promulgating laws and reforms that will enable to solve problems. In an ideal democracy, every person would have the right to speak and participate in the decisions that affect the society, however, since this is impossible is resorted to a representative democracy. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Wabash National Corporation. Representative saying, I mean that one person is able to give an opinion by a collective, but in no way this opinion agrees with the thinking of the group that represents. On the other hand, we call people by having a credential that the only thing that shows is the age of majority but does not guarantee the full exercise of the citizen.

    The term citizen referred initially to the person with skills to defend his city. If this term was applied in our present, we would be assuming that all those who possess the voter credential we are able to protect our interests and fight for it. Details can be found by clicking 4Moms or emailing the administrator. This is totally possible. I’m not saying that all have military training to be able to face a battle, but it is capable of having a valid opinion and it is taken into account. This also happens and that is why we can say that we live in a democracy voters but not citizens. If this outside little, most of the candidates for whom we cannot vote are people who lack ideas and real projects to resolve social problems and this reflected from the moment in which launch their campaigns, we must only remember the last electoral process characterized by the lack of actual proposals.

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