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    Aug 6

    This first manifesto is being written on June 5, 2008. It will go down in history as happened with 1 of Andres Breton Surrealist Manifesto 1924. History with surrealist overtones has given her a surrealist Guillaume Apollinaire created a name to “The Tiresias tits” to appoint William Arjona Surrealism (art-william) makes name for the new avant-garde movement born of neo-surrealist “Surrealpredivolucionismo” to name the first time in art history that is taking place and the art that will from now on the new surrealist movement. Maybe in a few years we call Surrealpredivolucionismo Movement and those who believe these new arts surrealpredivolutistas call us. Surrealism has triumphed in the context of a world that has not been changed essentially. That success turns on surrealism, expected nothing less than the destruction of the dominant social order. But the delay occurred in the mass action dedicated to the destruction, maintaining and deepening, along with the other contradictions of capitalism evolved, the same powerlessness of cultural creation, currently maintains and enhances the surrealism multiple repetitions degraded. Surrealism can not advance living conditions he found and that have continued until today outrageously because it is already, as a whole, a charge of poetry and art by Dadaism liquidated because all its possibilities are beyond the surreal postscript to the story art, in real life problems to be constructed. So everything that wants to be technically then surrealist again find problems before (Dada poetry and theater, formal investigations in the style of the collection ‘Mont-de-Piet’).

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